Sunday, October 24, 2021

Paralympic Frustration

Dear Editor,

I need to point out the amazing disrespect the IOC has shown. The participants of the Paralympic movements have overcome so much more than most of us will ever experience, yet these wealthy power-mad controllers would only allow us to see them during the night.

We were allowed to see healthy, able-bodied athletes but the ‘differently abled’ ones were hidden in the night. Even the closing ceremonies were shown when there was no audience. Is it possible that these controllers who need to ogle girls wearing bikinis in perfect bodies, are ashamed of people with imperfect bodies?

With so many Canadians breaking so many world records, they deserve to have the children who will one day run this country see what is possible with effort, faith, and imagination.

The athletes deserved better and we should demand better for them


Roberta Docherty


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