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Valentine’s Day Posies For Meaford’s Long Term Care Centre

The idea to create a flower arrangement on special occasions throughout the year, one for each of the 35 dining tables in the new Long Term Care Centre in Meaford, came to Lee Watt one day in January when she watched local florist Nancy Ellis of Simply Unique unload boxes of vases from the nursing home’s Christmas arrangements.

Lee asked how much it would cost to create arrangements for each dining table at the new Long Term Care Centre in Meaford on special occasions throughout the year. At $10 a posy, one for each of the 35 tables, eight special occasions in the year, she calculated that she would have to raise $2,800. Lee set out to find 28 people who would commit $100 each.

I had the 28 people and more within four days,” she said. “Meaford is a caring community that loves to give back.”

One look at photos of the dining rooms in the Long Term Care Centre and Lee Watt knew she was on the right track. “I thought it could be me someday sitting at one of those tables with nothing on them, the tables looking so unloved,” she said.

Nancy’s all around support of the project by way of the flowers at discount prices, her coaching, and the use of her work space has made a huge difference, according to Lee. In less than two hours on Sunday, February 12, Lee and volunteer Liz Harris had assembled and boxed 35 posies and placed them in the Simply Unique cooler, ready to be delivered to the LTC facility Monday afternoon in time for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday.

Anyone who would like to volunteer and help Lee create the posies for one of the remaining special occasions, that is for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, contact Lee Watt at 519-477-2347 or

No experience required,” Lee said, “just a bit of energy, perhaps a creative eye, but otherwise just the ability to follow instructions.”

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