Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Putting Strategies

If you are looking to post lower scores this season, I suggest that you start with your putting.

The putting green is where most of your strokes take place so it is important to be sharp once your ball is on the green.

To improve your putting, devise a strategy that will allow you to improve not only your stroke but also your confidence.

The first thing you should do is keep track of how many putts you take during every round of golf you play. Numbers don’t generally lie, and knowing how many putts you take during each round will help you pinpoint your mistakes and deficiencies.

Work this season on your technique to ensure that mechanically your stroke is sound. If you are in a good starting position before you roll each putt, then all you need to determine is the line you need to take and the speed of the greens on that particular day.

Three putts are caused when you leave the ball too far away from the hole on your approach shots. Practise your short game regularly so that both your chipping and pitching improves on the golf course.

I like to visualize a six foot circle around each hole. That way I challenge myself to leave my approach shots inside of six feet after the ball comes to rest.

When I practise before a round, I purposely putt balls from inside of six feet to prepare myself for the same situation on the course. Practise from different positions around the hole to allow for uphill, downhill, and side hill putts.

Finally, develop a consistent pre-shot routine on the greens. Take a little time to set up, access the slope and speed of the green and take one or two practise swings beside the ball. This will give you an opportunity to visualize the rolling of the ball when you putt and ensure that you don’t rush yourself.

A clear mind will help you relax before each putt and improve your confidence on the greens.

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Cameron Burechails

Teaching Professional

The Georgian Bay Golf Academy

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