Friday, December 2, 2022

Pace of Play Tips

A typical round of golf should take between four to four and a half hours to play. These times will however vary depending on your skill level and the layout of the golf course.

It has been proven that scores are lower when the pace of play is faster. Having to wait for players in front of you leads to frustration, a loss of concentration and enjoyment of your round.

This summer, I have put together some tips that will help maintain your pace of play this season.

The first thing that all golfers should do is always play ‘ready golf’. This means that instead of playing under the traditional honour system, that you simply hit when you are ready.

You know that your group is playing at a good rate of speed when you can always see the group in front of you. Your pace is too slow when there is an open hole between your group and the group in front of you.

To ensure that every round of golf is enjoyable, played at an even pace, and fun for all simply follow these tips:

1. Arrive at the course at least 15 minutes prior to your tee off time, to help prevent delays.

2. Play the proper tees. Remember that the ‘tips’ are for players with handicaps between 0 and 6.

3. Keep your cell phones off during your round of golf!

4. Practise Swings- Keep them to a minimum. Two practise swings are enough to prepare you for each shot.

5. Always mark your scores on the next tee and never on the green.

6. Position your clubs and power carts behind the green, towards the next tee before you putt.

7. Hit a provisional ball when in doubt from the tee to prevent delays.

8. Waive up players on par three holes to keep the pace of play moving.

With a little bit of common sense and consideration you will help to make not only yours, but somebody else’s round not only faster, but more enjoyable.

Cameron Burechail

Head Golf Professional

Batteaux Creek Golf Club

(705) 441-0865

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