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Managing Your Mistakes on the Golf Course

Everyone makes mistakes in life. The key is to minimize the frequency of those mistakes and to learn from them moving forward.

In golf there are generally three types of mistakes that can be made on the golf course. They include physical errors, emotional, as well as mental mistakes.

Physical mistakes might include gripping the club too hard, rushing shots too quickly or over-swinging in an attempt to achieve more distance. A consistent pre-swing routine will help you to prevent these common physical swing errors.

A solid golf game requires poise, confidence, and a positive frame of mind. Golfers who allow fear to overwhelm them on the golf course will constantly find themselves making emotional mistakes.

Hazards such as water, bunkers, and even out of bounds areas can bring out the worst in any golfer. Fear sometimes has a way of causing tension in our bodies, so work on controlling those pre-shot negative shots before each swing.

To manage these emotions simply focus on where you want to hit the ball versus where you don’t. Make sure also to check your breathing before each shot. If you hold your breath before your swing, I guarantee that you will have some negative swing thoughts going through your head.

There are several common mental mistakes that golfers often make on course. The most common one is club selection. If you are not sure of your distances and fail to factor in variables such as wind, temperature, or even changes in elevation then poor shot making will result.

Many golfers let their egos get in the way of potentially good shots. Make sure to never try to match clubs with other players in your group. Know your own swing and distances and never try to play outside of your own skill level.

The next time you make a mistake on the golf course, pause, collect your thoughts and figure out what mistake you made that caused the poor shot. Then make sure that you make the appropriate adjustment to ensure that those mistakes are not repeated.

Cameron Burechail

Teaching Professional

The Georgian Bay Golf Academy@

Batteaux Creek Golf Club

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