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New Service Will Help You Grow Cannabis at Home

cannabis grow svc270Last year’s legalization of cannabis for recreational use has resulted in an abundance of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs, including the basics: teaching people how to grown their own cannabis.

Mike Johnson has resolved to work within the constraints of the Cannabis Act introduced in October 2018, despite what he refers to as its grey areas and shortcomings.

To say I am underwhelmed with the new legislation is an understatement,” he said. “The Cannabis Act 2018 allows four cannabis plants per residence for recreational use. Ninety-five percent of the population doesn’t have the skills or the will to cultivate cannabis properly. The novice grower is often surprised how high-maintenance cannabis plants can be.”

Johnson saw an opportunity to use his growing skills to assist those wanting to grow their own cannabis.

At $200-400 per ounce from government-licensed sources…I am putting myself out there, offering my services and knowledge to those who choose to grow cannabis for recreational use. I charge $150 per consultation or $1,500 for a full-season maintenance package,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s consultation- and service-based business is called Home-Grown Plant Care Services. It is designed for individuals who choose to grow their own cannabis with the help of his knowledge and experience. He offers his guarantee that he can maximize the yield from the four plants allowed under the Cannabis Act.

Whatever you are growing, indoors or out-of-doors, with my knowledge gleaned after 15 years or more of trial and error, you are guaranteed to maximizing your yield,” he said.

The yield from four plants depends on a ‘plethora of factors’, according to Johnson, beginning with the type of seeds or clones a grower starts with; the growing medium used; the handling of the plants; root health: pathogens, including mites, fungus, gnats, and aphids that they may be exposed to; training techniques used; lighting, whether artificial or natural; genetic timeline of the plants; and harvesting techniques – all of which is knowledge that Mike is prepared to offer on a consultation basis or fee-for-service basis.

On a consultation basis, Johnson will be sharing his knowledge. “With the full-season maintenance package, however, I will be treating plants as if they were my own,” he said.

To contact Mike Johnson and Home-Grown Plant Care Services, phone 226-668-7244 or email homegrown.plant.service@gmail.com.

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