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A Hangover May be the Least of Your Worries – Everything Matters!


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When it comes to drinking alcohol, everything matters. How often and the amount you drink are what matter the most. Hangovers are a short-term side effect after a night of heavy drinking.

But, a hangover may be the least of your worries since alcohol misuse can lead to long-term health risks such as stroke, cancer or high blood pressure.

Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelinesadvise women should have no more than 10 drinks of alcohol a week and no more than two drinks a day. Men should have no more than 15 drinks a week and no more than three drinks a day.

One in of five people in Grey Bruce aged 12 years and over is a regular heavy drinker. They drink more than five drinks on any one occasion, more often than once a month.” says Mathew MacLeod, Health Promoter with the Grey Bruce Health Unit. “To reduce your risk, slow down and space your drinking. Limit alcohol to no more than two drinks in three hours and alternate between alcohol and alcohol-free drinks.”

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