Sunday, October 24, 2021

Women’s Range Day a Success For East Grey Hunters & Anglers Association

The East Grey Hunters and Anglers Association held a special event for women the weekend of October 2 and 3. The women’s range day saw 72 participants attend the range to learn about the sport of shooting.

This past weekend Amanda-Lynn Mayhew of and That Hunting Girl on Sportsman Channel Canada and the East Grey Hunters and Anglers association ran the second successful women’s range day at our club here in Meaford,” explained club secretary Adam Vaughan. “This year’s event all came from me seeing Amanda post on Facebook that she missed running her range days this year due to lockdowns, and was commiserating on not being able to give back to her community with these events. She was looking for a range to try and run one later on in the year and I posted “let’s do it”. The club has been looking to run more community-focused events to showcase ourselves and this worked out perfectly.”

All 72 spots for the event were sold out, and Vaughan said that women came from as far away as North Bay to participate.

Women from all walks of life were in attendance, mother, daughter, and grandmother groups, spouses looking to get out and experience what they have been on the edge of but maybe never felt comfortable with, to women who came solo, never touched a firearm before and wanted to get into the sport,” Vaughan noted.

Overcoming misconceptions is part of the goal in holding such events to introduce people to the sport of shooting.

One of the most satisfying things for me and a lot of the volunteers there over the weekend was seeing someone first handle a firearm with some trepidation but after that first shot, or bullseye, or clay hit, the absolute glee they showed is second to none,” Vaughan explained. “There were quite a few women who, never having been around firearms, came into the day with the notion that this was an old boys sport, not a world they were welcome. I am happy to say there are now 75 women that have had that notion changed. They were able to get a taste of many different disciplines, archery, pistol, rifle, and shotgun were all on the menu this weekend. Some truly took to it like a duck to water. Donations from Canada’s Gun Store, Bowdometer, and the incredible volunteers from the EGHAA with Amanda and her ambassadors really make the day the amazing event that it is.

Vaughan says that he and the East Grey Hunters and Anglers will continue to promote the sport in which virtually anyone can participate with a little training.

The East Grey Hunters and Anglers were proud to host these ladies and show off the shooting sports to them. We are trying to bring the community in and show people that the shooting and archery sports are some of the most inclusive and barrier-free sports that can be offered,” Vaughan noted. “EGHAA looks forward to events like these and many others in the future. If anyone has any questions about the club or is interested in joining all of our information and contacts can be found at, and look for more range days at If nothing else EGHAA strives to provide a safe and inclusive experience to enjoy, in my opinion, one of the best recreational or competitive experiences you can have.”

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