Monday, September 26, 2022

What Happens When Voters Fail?

Dear Editor,

I see you are doing your part to create a successful election, but please remind the electorate what happens when they fail. We have children who can not count back change. They can not figure out the price of a flat of berries at $2.69 per pint, with 10 pints to the flat, without a calculator.

We have children who do not know what the word “signature” means. We have kids who can not study history records because they are written in cursive, so all we have is someone else’s interpretation. We have kids who can not take quick notes at meetings because all they can do is print or use computers. Most can not read notes from grandparents because we can not understand that our kids have been cheated out of basic knowledge of writing. Europe and Alberta teach cursive, but our kids are not even forming basic letters correctly.

When asked why, we get laughed at by those who should know better.

The rich schools teach head math and cursive writing, but the ‘public’ system seems to be dumbing down the students.

The board of education is an elected body, who get enough pay that they should not betray their position.

Tell the voters to pay attention or explain to their grandchildren why they do not have as good an education as the rich.

Thank you,

Roberta Docherty, Meaford

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