Sunday, July 21, 2024

Trout Hollow Trail Reopens

The Trout Hollow Trail is now open and legal to access from across the road from Beautiful Joe Park. Due to riverbank erosion the trail had been closed for the last year. But that didn’t stop some intrepid citizens of Meaford from carrying on under the caution tape (or tearing it down) and ignoring the closed sign.

Over the last two weeks, volunteers from the Trout Hollow Trails Association, working with the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, relocated the trail 30 feet inland away from the dangerous undercut riverbank. This will only be a temporary solution until the trail is totally rebuilt along the top of the ridge above the ongoing problem area. A trail consultant has begun the planning of that next phase of the work.

There are other problem spots along the east side trail that have been identified and will be rectified next year.

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