Sunday, June 26, 2022

Thoughts on Traffic Calming Measures


I noticed that local speeding problems got a few mentions in last week’s edition. One potential solution that doesn’t seem to be considered is making every residential intersection a four-way stop.

That means every driver would have to come to a full stop at least once every block, and would not have much time to gain excessive speed before needing to stop again. Having the consistency of all four-way stops would also contribute to safety, as drivers leaving a two-way stop sometimes think they are leaving a four-way stop, and get hit when the cross traffic does not stop.

Consistent four-way stops would have another safety benefit as well. Overgrown shrubs on the corners of intersections that block driver vision would not be such a problem if it is known that all drivers must stop at every intersection.

Charles Killin, Meaford

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