Friday, July 12, 2024

Thoughts on the Carbon Tax

Dear Editor,

If one complains about the carbon tax, they say, “Oh you’re a climate change denier.” Well, no, I’m not, but the carbon tax receipts just go into general tax revenue, instead of being targeted to initiatives that would alleviate the problem.

For instance, a Toronto Star investigation found that the Trudeau Government has been subsidizing the Tar Sands production billions of dollars every year, as the Tories did before him. And while it makes jobs, it is dirty oil, burning oil to release it from the sand. At the least we should support MP Ruff’s proposal to cut the 13% HST added onto the Carbon Tax. And put money towards planting trees to help reduce the carbon. Tree trunks, roots and leaves are made from the hydrocarbons that they remove from the air, while releasing oxygen in the process which we need to live.

The Carbon Tax could also fund electric high-speed trains (350 km/hr) which could replace the hundred commuter flights between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa every day. And since Bombardier actually builds those trains here, we’d be creating green jobs. But of course the powerful oil wouldn’t like that.

Nick Furgiuele, Bognor

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