Saturday, December 4, 2021

Thoughts on Future Electricity Needs

Dear Editor,

I wanted to thank John Mikkelsen for his letter that appeared in the October 28, 2021 edition of The Meaford Independent and pointing out the surplus electricity that is produced in Ontario. John Mikkelsen is a reliable source. TC Energy owns 48.4 % of Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Ontario, and built the Gas Generation plant in Napanee recently sold to the Ontario Power Generation.

In the future, everyone will be driving an electric vehicle. It is good to know that we can charge our cars at night cheaply. In the ’70s, when I helped my cousin build his cottage, we installed electric baseboard heaters because electricity in Ontario was cheap. In fact, the more you consumed, the less you paid.

Isn’t it ironic that both my cousin and I had to tear the electric baseboard heaters out of our cottages because it was too expensive? I use propane now, fossil fuel, to heat my cottage. A couple of years ago I purchased an electric vehicle, and it’s cheap to charge at night but very expensive when I need to charge my car during the day.

I’ve been considering installing an additional stand-alone battery to put into my garage both at home and at the cottage to charge at night while I charge my car. The extra batteries will store cheap electricity for my car to charge it during the day. Sadly, such batteries are still too expensive at this time.


Pat Zita, Meaford

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