Monday, June 24, 2024

The New Conservative ‘Big Tent’ of Undesirables, Malcontents and Populist Knuckle-Draggers

To the Editor,

The CPC has a new ‘big tent’. It is important to understand that inside this tent, they will accept ANYONE, with the only requirement being another vote to unseat the Liberals and Justin Trudeau.

So, in this big tent, are “convoy” intimidation thugs, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, border blocking criminals, fiscal incompetents (Poilievre himself), conspiracy theorists and alternate-truth people (like Leslyn Lewis), anti-abortionists, racists, xenophobes, misogynists, and other motley scrapings of society. The CPC would dearly love to take some voters away from Maxime Bernier’s PPC next time…they want some extremist and giddy Libertarians in the tent too. But they need still more voters.

Back in 2016, Hilary Clinton famously accused Trump supporters of being “a basket of deplorables” and she has been proven correct over and over in the past 6 years.

We now have our own version…the CPC’s big tent of undesirables, malcontents and populist knuckle-draggers. The smell is getting really bad in the big tent, and a lot of us Red Tories are NOT going to be in it. The blue Liberals the CPC crave aren’t going in either.

The only thing the CPC has going for it next time, is if Trudeau stays leader. If Justin wanted to guarantee a Liberal government, he would step down and let the party elect a new leader, preferably a woman. But Trudeau has a “genetic-dyslexia” problem… he inherited his father’s humility and his mother’s intellect.

Mike Robertson, Meaford


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