Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Battery vs Pumped Storage Debate Continues

Dear Editor,

Really, more on Batteries vs. Pump Storage?

Okay, Bruce Mason, thanks for the insight on pump storage in your letter to the editor dated April 7, 2022. So, you’re saying that a water tower like the one by Meaford hospital is no different than a 93 billion litres water reservoir. You didn’t reveal this secret to TC Energy, did you?

If 93 billion litres are better suspended on a tower, then TC Energy does not need to dig a hole into the escarpment and build a dam to contain a man-made lake.

I am sure you know that TC Energy submitted its proposal to the independent Electricity Operators (IESO) for approval. Still, the Pump Storage Design failed and was not advanced due to insufficient value to the taxpayers. As a result, TC Energy is back at the drawing board with a submission deadline of January 2023.

Oh, by the way, IESO passed and advanced the pesky Battery Storage for the Oneida project.

And I almost forgot. Suppose TC Energy resubmits a revised proposal with a tower for a reservoir by January 2023 and passes its appeal. In that case, it will need to deal with the Impact Assessment Agency (IAA) of Canada on the issue of the environment.

Pat Zita, Meaford

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