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TC Energy Responds to Recent Letter to the Editor


I would like to thank Louise Buccella for her letter, published in the March 25, 2021, edition of The Meaford Independent, in which she states her concerns regarding the safety of our proposed pumped hydro storage facility near Meaford.

We understand that safety is important to the citizens of Meaford, particularly those who live near our proposed Pumped Storage Project. The residents of Meaford have our commitment that this project will be designed to keep everyone safe. The Project will be built, maintained and operated safely for as long as it remains in service.

What we are proposing is not without precedent. There are two pumped storage facilities with reservoirs in Niagara, one on the Canadian side and one on the American side, that have operated safely for decades. The Sir Adam Beck Pump Generating Station that Louise references is an example of a pumped hydro project where the reservoir sits 50 meters from the nearest residential home. The community of Queenston, Ontario, lies directly below. The reservoir is twice the area of what we are proposing at Meaford (750 acres versus 375 acres) and has been operating safely since 1957.

The upper reservoir for our proposed Project is a civil structure, similar to a bridge or building, that will be designed, constructed, maintained and operated in accordance with best practices and regulations found within Ontario and from around the world. Our facility will need to meet or exceed all applicable regulations, including seismic loading considerations, to ensure safety before the project is approved for construction.

In developing the Project, we will engage qualified and experienced engineers to design the facility, and we will construct it with contractors who have experience building hydro facilities. To increase your comfort and understanding of this important aspect of the project, we are dedicated to involving the community in the design process, and to providing independent expertise to assist the community in understanding how the facilities will be safely constructed, operated and maintained. Details surrounding this initiative will be provided shortly and we look forward to your input and participation.

At TC Energy, we are committed to designing, building, operating, and maintaining a safe, state-of-the-art reservoir. Our goal is to prove to you that safety is our number-one value and that we care about the safety of you, your family and your home.

Visit to learn more about the Pumped Storage Project design.

John Mikkelsen, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.

Director, Power Business Development

TC Energy

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