Thursday, February 29, 2024

Support For Opposition to Pumped Storage Proposal Expressed by Bay Area Councils


It is not surprising that other townships on Georgian Bay are waking to the substantial threats posed by the above project. The tone of arrogant ‘know it all’ adopted by DM Keaveney ignores the truth in that voters and council candidates have wished for a referendum on this issue but been ignored.

Representations have been made to council by many qualified professional individuals and been ignored. Unanswered questions regarding indigenous involvement with relevant treaty 18 boundary questions for St Vincent township and also who gets paid for the half billion dollars of gravel to be excavated? Please tell us the truth.

The costs to this town have not been counted yet and if you think TCE puppet consultant StrategyCorp will award them to Meaford taxpayers I have some swamp for you. Thank you to Archipelago township and given time I will encourage more Bay towns to object.

Thank you,

Mike Ashmore, MA(Econ), CPA, Meaford


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