Tension – The Enemy of Performance

CameronBurechails2016 270Golf is a game that requires both physical and mental skills. In order to perform at your highest level, you need to understand how to manage both of these aspects of your game.

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Meaford Lawn Bowlers 4th in Ontario

mfd lwn bwl 4th 2019 270Local Meaford lawn bowlers Jill Calvert-Goetz skip, Brenda Madill vice, and Wendy Calvert-Morris lead, achieved 4th place in the Novice Provincial Championships.

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When to Buy New Clubs

CameronBurechails2016 270There are a number of reasons why you may be considering purchasing new golf clubs.

If you are not happy or confident with your current putter, wedge, or even your driver, then a new purchase might just be the answer. I always recommend that you try before you buy.

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