Friday, May 14, 2021

Singing Together Is Risky

Who would have thought that singing in a choir was a dangerous activity? Well, during a pandemic it is! There’s too much projection at close range.

Consequently, the Goldenaires have not been practising since last March and they have missed providing two concerts for the community in the past year. In a normal year, they would have been putting the finishing touches on their special Spring Concert at this time. Instead, a couple of members have recently decorated a tree and window at Isabel’s Fabric Shop with lovely spring blossoms.

Some choir members connect by Zoom and email monthly but members miss singing together, seeing each other and having an audience. It is not at all clear when it will be possible to gather together again to sing in the Meaford United Church or anywhere else for that matter.

Everything is on pause for now and the best we can do is quote the words from a well known Vera Lynn song.Well meet again, don’t know where, dont know when, But I know well meet again some sunny day,” said the Goldenaires.

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