Thursday, June 1, 2023

Scarecrow Invasion Returns to Celebrate 25 Years

After being sidelined for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Meaford’s ever popular Scarecrow Invasion & Family Festival returned on Friday, September 30, to celebrate 25 years of scarecrow fun.

Hundreds lined Sykes and Trowbridge Streets to take in the parade before following the final floats down to the Rotary Harbour Pavilion for an evening of food, games, and fun.

Display Winners are:

Best Indoor Display – Meaford Museum

Best Outdoor Display- HCSS Day Away Program

Best Window Display- Bespoke

Best Overall- Meaford Museum

Honorable Mentions:


– Reg Noble Automotive

– Stonekreek Farm & Supply- Annan

– Richardson Tartan Shop

Window Display

– Pursonally Yours

– Deans Carpet

– Creative Country Girl 75

Winners of the Trivia Contest 2022

1st Place: Fred Kennedy

2nd Place: Tom Scott

3rd Place: Laura Fulford, Marg Phillips, Kelly Playter, D’Arcy Playter, Lori Bumstead, Helen Scott

Apple Pie Winners

1st place Traditional pie winner is Jennifer McLarty

2nd place traditional pie winner is Pamela Hawkins

3rd place traditional pie winner is Gail Murray.

1st place Junior apple pie is BRAE Robinson

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