Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Scarecrow Invasion Quilt Competition 2022

For the 25th anniversary celebration of the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival, organizers will be putting a quilt/quilts together using squares created by the community.

What is involved:

  1. Each participant will receive a 10.5 inch square of which they can use a 9-inch square for their image.
  2. The image can be of scarecrows, farming, or fall.
  3. You can use quilting techniques, embroidery, fabric marker, etc.
  4. There will be three age groups: child (up to age 11), youth (12-17), and adult (18 and up).
  5. Each square will be displayed at the Purrsonally Yours Shop at 35 N Sykes St., Meaford.
  6. Each square will be evaluated by a judge and the community.
  7. There will be a prize for the best square in each age grouping as follows: child ($25), youth($25), and adult ($50).
  8. The squares will be then taken down and made into a quilt/quilts for donation, purchase, and/or auction.

You do not have to be a quilter! You can use whatever creative technique you prefer.

Important dates:

  • July 1: Competition starts and competition packages will be available for pick up at Purrsonally Yours, or 48 Iron Wood Dr., Meaford. Package will contain 1 x 10.5 inch background square, instructions, and entry form.
  • August 15: squares with entry form must be dropped off at Purrsonally Yours or 48 Iron Wood Dr. They will be displayed and members of the public will be able to come to the Purrsonally Yours Shop to vote for their favourite.
  • September 6: voting closes and winners chosen. Squares will then be taken down and made into quilt/quilts.
  • September 29: winners announced.
  • Quilts will be displayed at Purrsonally Yours and in the parade on September 30.

For further information contact Donnalee Hobson at 705-888-6520 or Donna Earl at

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