Sunday, February 25, 2024

Save Georgian Bay Hosts Second Annual Polar Dip

The second annual Save the Bay Polar Dip was a chilly success. On Saturday, February 25, International Polar Bear Day, at 1 p.m. 26 enthusiastic dippers waded into the icy waters of Georgian Bay at Fred Raper Park.

Some took a few steps and dove beneath the surface. Others waded in and dipped to their necks, retreating quickly to the shore and the warmth of blankets, towels, and a heated ice hut. Some stayed in the water and played as though it was just another day at the beach.

They had a large yellow beach ball which was last seen heading toward Christian Island. One gentleman set a personal best time for remaining immersed. One dipper went in early because he had to go to work and another went in late due to similar time constraints. Three others submitted videos of their dips at other locations and times because they were unable to join the group.

Dippers and spectators were treated to coffee donated by McGinty’s as well as hot chocolate and cookies provided by Save Georgian Bay in the gazebo and s’mores by the fire-pit.

Entertainment was provided by the singing and drumming duo of Bear and Brian from Christian Island. Dippers were motivated by their singing and drumming and onlookers enjoyed the music as well. Paramedics were standing by but were not called to action.

The Save the Bay Polar Dip is an annual fundraiser for Save Georgian Bay. The $15,000 raised will be used to inform others about the potentially negative impact posed by the construction of the pumped storage project proposed by TC Energy on the Meaford military base.

This substantial amount is a good indication that there is considerable opposition to this project,” said organizers.

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