Sunday, April 21, 2024

Response to Letter on Polarization


The June 30 anti-conservative political letter from Mike Robertson relies on a “poll”, and points a finger at conservative conspiracy theorists.

There is another side to this issue. It can be seen by simply recognizing what has unfolded right on front of our faces!

One could argue that the virtual origin of the nasty divisions and sorry state of our Country was the election of the Trudeau Government in 2015.

Scandal after scandal, followed by evasion, cover ups, shutting down Committees, and, shall we say, suppressing the truth.

Much of big media is very selective on what is covered, whilst independent on-line media investigate and expose facts backed up by documents obtained by freedom-of-information channels.

One major underlying issue is the attack on Canada’s prosperity and future prospects to “fight the CO2-emissions crisis”, on the arrogant unscientific belief that we can control Earth’s climate. One might argue that an uninformed mob is railroading us into being completely dependent on electricity without a reliable on-demand supply. That scenario is now actually unfolding in other countries.

One might argue that the fear, anxiety, unrest and anger has much broader and deeper political roots than many assume.

Our Government should stop pouring divisive gasoline on the spreading fire.

Ron Hartlen, Clarksburg

Editor’s Note: As far as Mr. Robertson’s letter being ‘anti-conservative’, as he noted in a previous letter in February of this year (Life-Long Conservative Unhappy With Party Support For Trucker Protest, February 10, 2022), Mr. Robertson is a life-long conservative.

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