Sunday, October 24, 2021

Reader Wants Exempt Certificates For Those Who Choose to Not Vaccinate

Dear Editor,

It is time for a member of the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ to speak. Like a leper of 2,000 years ago must I carry a bell and shout, “Unclean, unvaccinated”?

I was angered when I heard someone say that the unvaccinated spread the virus. COVID-19 can be carried and spread by anyone, vaccinated or non-vaccinated. Anyone can come down with COVID – vaccinated or not.

Who are the people refusing the ‘shot’?

  1. Those who have had immediate and long-lasting illness due to past flu shots.
  2. Those who have had life-threatening nosebleeds.
  3. Those who have already had COVID-19 and believe they have some immunity.
  4. Those who have analyzed the contents of the vaccination serums and deem them dangerous.
  5. Those who believe that enforcement of vaccination passports is infringing on human rights – preventing free travel within Canada, attendance at sports events and theatre productions, and attending restaurants.
  6. Those who believe vaccination passports are similar to the star the Jews were forced to wear in Europe, the tattooing of incarcerated persons in prison camps in World War II, and the control that Communist China has over its citizens through technology.
  7. Those who have seen family or friends become ill or have long-lasting effects after the vaccine.

It is heartening to learn that the unions of Toronto Police and TTC Toronto are opposing mandatory vaccinations. A computer site: Action 4 Canada can provide a worker a form which will require an employer to sign a notice of liability if physical harm is caused by the vaccination for COVID-19.

Government and Doctors should be required to issue EXEMPT certificates for those whose health is threatened by vaccines for COVID-19.

I support and practise the protocols in place: wearing a mask as required, hand sanitization, and recommended distancing.

Speaking for Many,

Patricia Kortland, Meaford

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