Saturday, February 24, 2024

Reader Suggests Resort Convention Centre For Former Knights Flooring Factory Property


With all this talk of development in Meaford, especially SkyDev, I can’t help wondering about a different kind of development. I have always thought that Meaford has great potential as a convention venue. With great scenery, a lovely town and an attractive harbour, why has no one considered building a Resort Convention Centre here?

Anyone visiting would be just that, a visitor, but as a rule these folks spend money in the local restaurants and shops (such as are left), but then they leave town until the next group comes in. The people density and the traffic that goes with it would not nearly be as high and facilities like this provide good steady jobs to local folks.

Furthermore, such a centre would provide Meaford with some real prestige.

These thoughts have drifted around in my head for years. Am I the only one?

The former Knights site just screams for something better than what is proposed.

Perhaps this would be it.

David Blackburn, Meaford

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