Sunday, October 24, 2021

Reader Sees No Value in Pumped Storage Proposal


Having read various letters and articles regarding the Pumped water scheme on the Base and Georgian Bay, I have my own opinion on this make money project.

It’s not green tech, it’s old tech, having passed one in Scotland in 1964, ex RAF.

The one aspect of this project that no one has mentioned is the Government of Canada talking out of both sides of their mouth.

A go ahead via the MOD to proceed with plans to use cheap, surplus hydro to pump water so as to generate high priced daytime hydro = profit for the company.

At the same time the GoC has plans for us all to use electric/hybrid vehicles by 2030/35. I guess that most owners will charge their mega batteries at night when home from work. Where is the cheap surplus hydro to charge the millions of batteries, oh it’s being used to pump water so all you folks will be paying for expensive hydro so a company can use the cheap hydro which will be locked into long term contracts.

Just my thoughts.

I would like to read other opinions on this especially from our politicians.

Geoff Bowler, Meaford

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