Thursday, February 29, 2024

Reader Questions Motives of Save Georgian Bay

Dear Editor,

Welcome back. I hope your break was relaxing.

I was reading the Nov. 16 issue about “Concern about harbour area development proposal” and I realized a sad truth about Save Georgian Bay. It seems to me they do not want to save Georgian Bay but their own million dollar castles.

They claim the TCE project will put people in danger because of un-exploded ordinances—but it is far away from the marked impact zone. They claim many trees are being cut, but that area has been a helicopter pad and runway for decades. They say the wall will breach, but if the sensors detected problems it would trigger the sluice gate and empty the pool into the bay before it could breach. So many falsehoods to protect the value of their houses. This must be so because if they cared about the harbour or the bay, they would be protesting the development Jim Molineux is warning about (Georgian Harbour Development). There is a much more real danger of putting an apartment building with underground parking than a proven pumped storage.

Maybe I missed it, but I have heard nothing from them about destroying our harbour or the fact that the Trowbridge area backs up every spring. Who gets to pay for the destruction when the foundations of the building or the homes on the other side of the river are damaged? Is it possible we have been led down another path?

Just thinking,

Roberta Docherty, Meaford

Editor’s Note: I think it is natural for people to concern themselves with their immediate surroundings, and protesting one thing shouldn’t necessarily mean that one must also protest other things. Time is precious and limited, and people tend to choose their battles lest all of their free time be occupied by protesting. That said, I too hope that in the future once the dust settles on the pumped storage issue, Save Georgian Bay might expand their efforts to include other issues that are currently, or could in the future, impact the Georgian Bay area.


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