Saturday, February 24, 2024

Reader Proud of Community Response to Proposed Development

To the Editor,

I was extremely proud of my fellow citizens last Monday night, May 17, at the virtual meeting concerning the official plan and the Skydev proposal. Good people of this town waited literally hours in order to voice their strongest opposition to this particular proposal or any others like it.

Concerning growth, all living things on this planet grow to a specific shape and size, and then they stop growing at their natural size. In fact, unnatural and uncontrolled growth, once a living entity has reached its adult form, is usually a cause for the gravest concern, and Skydev represents exactly that type of growth. As you pointed out, this proposal is a perfect example of what we don’t want, or need, to be inflicted on our community.

In an odd way, we owe Skydev our thanks, for showing us what corporations are willing to destroy, in order to turn a profit. Unfortunately for them, their brand is now so toxic that any proposal they come up with will likely be shouted down.

To be honest, their proposal was an amateur effort, their reports and studies were truly laughable in their false premises and mistaken conclusions, with such sloppy work in their presentations. It frightens me to think what the actual build quality would be like.

Meaford is the last unspoiled town left on southern Georgian Bay, and this has been a wake-up call to the dangers of over-development, whether one lot or an entire town.

As responsible stewards of our grandchildren’s legacy, we will have to remain vigilant, vocal, and unafraid to push back, when outside interests seek to take, or pave over, the amazing, beautiful, safe place we call home.

P.S. Joni Mitchell could have written ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ about our exact situation.

Hugh Grafton, Meaford


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