Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reader Offers Thoughts on Property Standards Enforcement


The recent Meaford Independent’s editor’s piece on the zoning for a temporary vehicle repair operation was both informative and instructional relating to the unique circumstances culminating in the special variance approval for this agricultural property.

Certainly, businesses such as this provide a valuable and important service to its customers, secure employment for its staff and meaningful contribution to our town’s economy. What seems to be not ever mentioned throughout this unfortunate story is the reality that this large Sykes Street business location was one of Meaford’s most prominent eyesores, with a huge and increasing number of older cars and trucks presumably on sale or used for parts, randomly parked in various states of disarray fronting along Highway 26 for all to see when passing through town.

The property appearance in general was poorly maintained, with tall grass and weeds along the roadway and in between the abandoned vehicles, the signage and building itself was not representative of a professionally operated business enterprise.

Hopefully when this property and its structures are restored, the Municipality will better enforce applicable controls relating to road allowance parking, fencing and property care bylaws and the business owner will improve on the prior appearance and comply to all health and safety code requirements that would be in place for an operation of this type.

John Richardson, Meaford

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