Monday, September 26, 2022

Reader Offers Thoughts on All the Things Wrong With the Municipality of Meaford Editorial

Dear Editor,

With my family, I have had a cottage in Meaford for over 20 years, and was fortunate to live here year-round when the pandemic arrived. Similar to comments made in your editorial, I have sometimes observed that long-time residents tend to lack appreciation for all the wonderful qualities Meaford has to offer.

Yet I differ with the statement suggesting Meaford’s less desirable aspects are a “trade-off” against a low crime rate. The supposed danger of urban life is a common misconception among rural residents. The statistics do not support that belief. In particular, the most common proxy – Toronto – as a dangerous place to live, is countered by the statistics. The likelihood of a Meaford resident becoming a victim of property or violent crime is substantially the same as a Toronto resident.

Let’s all be thankful for the great things Meaford has to offer, while avoiding misconceptions.

Tom Gorsky, Annan


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