Sunday, April 18, 2021

Reader Notes Meaford’s Doggie-Doo Problem

Dear Editor,

I moved to Meaford in October. Yes, I am part of the COVID-inspired mass exodus from cities to a more quiet lifestyle closer to nature. I am very happy to be here and am generally excited for Meaford’s future.

I recently went for a walk through Beautiful Joe park and up part of Trout Hollow trail and was dismayed by how much dog shit I saw. Do people in Meaford not realize it is their responsibility to pick up after their dogs? It is ironic that people living here enjoy poo-pooing those who come from big cities. Yet in all of my years living quite literally in the heart of Toronto, I never encountered as much dog shit as I do here. I wonder why that is? I think what we have here in Meaford is a clear case of the tragedy of the commons. The individuals who make use of these parks and trails with their beloved pets are putting themselves (and their sheer laziness) ahead of the well-being of the whole. Those who live in large cities know better.

Since I have moved here, I have heard a great deal about how beautiful Meaford is – our parks, the harbour, our lovely town. However, you only need to take a second glance to see it for what it really is – covered in dog shit. Come on, citizens of Meaford, do better. Pick up after your dogs!

Jessie Bonisteel, Meaford

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