Thursday, February 29, 2024

Reader Not Pleased With Cost to Operate Library


So, the library costs us some $2,000 a day.

Assuming that an average of one hundred books are taken out, that means then that every loan costs twenty dollars plus a few bucks for the wear and tear on the book itself.

Then add to that the interest on seven million at say 5% would earn in the bank, we can add another ten dollars for every loan.

Add it all up, and every loan costs us more than a brand new book.

Like I wrote earlier about the eye-watering seven million for construction, have we gone completely insane?

Something is terribly wrong here, that is a fact.

Walter Kuitert, Meaford

Editor’s Note: Perhaps worth noting that included in the library’s $810,000 operating budget for 2024 is a little over $150,000 to pay for the contract with the Owen Sound North Grey Public Library.

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