Friday, June 14, 2024

Reader Growing Tired of Anti-Vaxxers

Dear Editor,

I’m afraid I can’t sit idly by any longer and listen to the scolding, lecturing and hectoring from these self-righteous anti-vaxxers. They are some of the most selfish, naive and misinformed people who I have met.

In speaking to an anti-vaxxer two weeks ago, I asked her if she had previously received vaccines for polio, TB, smallpox, and the ones intended to counter the ‘children’s’ viruses, and she said yes, but the COVID vaccine is “different”. When asked to explain why I found her response to be incomprehensible and, frankly, pathetic.

For Mad Max Bernier and his merry band of anti-vaxxers, libertarians and zealots, I would confiscate their health cards if they are admitted to the ICU with a Covid infection, and have them pay for their health care costs.

And for those anti-vaxxers who try to prevent health care workers from performing their jobs, well, I’m afraid my remedy can’t be printed in this publication.

Mark Palmer, Meaford

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