Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Reader Concerned About Short Term Rentals

Dear Editor,

As 18-year residents of Annan, we understand the important role tourism plays in our county. Sadly, these past several weeks we have experienced turmoil in our neighbourhood surrounding a new Airbnb establishment. As the neighbouring resident, we wish to express our extreme opposition to this new tourist establishment.

Most of our neighbours have signed a petition opposing this Airbnb. We chose to retire here because, at first glance, it seemed to offer the benefits of a peaceful rural existence within city limits. Queens Bush is a quiet, serene location, but now with the development of a new subdivision, more cottage rentals are popping up.

The fact is these rentals affect entire communities. They invite traffic, overcrowding, noise, garbage, trespassing, and the complete loss of the enjoyment of neighbouring properties. Sadly, we were blindsided by the intentions of the new homeowner at 168 Queens Bush Drive. Upon selling this property in May of 2022, the previous owner was adamant that her home not be purchased for the sole purpose of a short-term rental and went so far as screening prospective buyers. The buyer misled the previous owner and the adjacent neighbours by not communicating his true intentions. We only discovered the property was listed after a neighbour found the listing on the Airbnb website.

His actions show a complete disregard for us and other neighbouring properties. He is clearly not invested in our neighbourhood, nor does he care about our security and comfort. There hasn’t been any communication whatsoever.

We respectfully oppose this operation. Having spoken with many of our neighbours, we hope council members will take all of our voices in opposition into account. Mostly, we hope our neighbourhood returns to the quiet we’ve enjoyed all these years.

Joe Lawson, Meaford


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