Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reader: BC Government Sues TCE For Environmental Non-Compliance


TCE (our Ontario Pumped Storage bedmates) was just this week sued by the BC government (that’s the provincial government of British Columbia) for environmental non-compliance. TCE’s answer? Not us, but a company we contracted. What does that mean, ‘it wasn’t us’? Does a surgeon not take responsibility for her assistants in the operating theatre?

But let’s bring this back home to Meaford. What risk measures will TCE take (baseline and beyond) to ensure Meaford residents are protected from the environmental upheaval the project will inevitably bring. What about our drinking water from Georgian Bay, our wells, air quality, and the chaotic ways the escarpment will respond (like flooding and landslides) to the warmer, wetter, weather of climate change?

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, politics makes strange bedfellows. Indeed, can we trust TCE to safely manage the risks to our lives and the environment that supports us? And how can we hold them accountable?

Caryn Colman, Meaford


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