Saturday, February 24, 2024

Proposed Development Inspires Poetry

Dear Editor,

On a misty Sunday morning this past week, I strolled through and around David Johnston Park, by the site of the major and somewhat controversial Skydev development proposal. Sadly, Skydev recently bypassed Municipal Council and residents by taking its case for their high-density housing and hotel complex to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Clearly they hope for the green light to proceed, despite widespread opposition from both neighbourhood residents and many in the broader community who have legitimate concerns about the impacts of the development on many aspects of the town. Their move certainly isn’t ingratiating to many who have simply asked for more innovative, environmentally-sustainable development that reflects and respects Meaford’s small town charm and heritage.

My walk that particular morning was one of both reflection and inspiration. There is so much natural beauty on and around the site next to one of Meaford’s last unspoiled waterfront areas – and so much to lose, not the least of which is the erosion of Municipal autonomy in development decisions and people’s say in those decisions. It prompted the following poem entitled:

Summer Morning Wanders and Wonders

Blowing kisses,

Making wishes,

Wandering wondering

On this magical summer morning.

Into deep fields

Of dreams and nature’s miracles,

Rooted, grounded, stretching high

On this misty summer morning.

I’m beholden, humbled

As beauty abounds,

On ground and beyond

On this mystical summer morning.

Soon to be shaven, cut down,

Paved over with dollars,

As looming buildings rise, shadowing

Memories of magical summer mornings.

Anne Boody Horwood, Meaford

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