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Print Papers Bring Fond Memories

To the Editor,

As we usually travel to Meaford every so often to pick up copies of The Meaford Independent, to save a few pennies for postage, we did receive today, courtesy of the publisher Susanne, while she was passing through Wasaga Beach, the last 3 months of the paper.

Imagine our shock, when we opened & read the April 15th issue to see the obituaries of two wonderful women, who we were close with, in the years owning the Stedmans Store in Downtown Meaford.

Firstly, Glenda Pearson, who was one of our staff for many years (Sept. 1983-June 1991) as was mentioned in her obituary. Glenda was a joy to work with, her mischievous smile and the magical glint in her eye, as evidenced by her photo in the obituary, made it a pleasure to be served by her in our business, and she was greatly appreciated by ourselves as store owners and also by our customers. Rest in Peace, Glenda, dear friend.

Secondly, to see the obituary photo of Grace Lambe next to Glenda’s was also a big shock, as we knew Grace well, both as a loyal customer and a good friend but also as the #1 promoter of anything happening in Meaford. Whenever there was an event of any kind or fundraiser, Grace would be there helping & giving. She played a major role in most of Meaford’s celebrations, whether it was at Christmas time or the Scarecrow invasion, Grace was always there. As was mentioned in her obituary, she was known as “Grandma Lambe” in her business, but we’ll go out on a limb, to say that she was “Meafords Grandma”. She will be sorely missed by the community. Rest in Peace, Grace.

It was an extreme honour to know both of these ladies, & we’ll treasure their memories.

Janet & George Potopnyk, Stedmans store owners, 1983-2007.


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