Friday, June 25, 2021

Preparing for Golf Season

The 2021 golf season will again be very different from a normal season.

Be prepared to again follow strict COVID procedures at all of our local courses. These procedures are in place to protect us all from getting the virus and to ensure that we can all play golf safely again this season.

We have a few weeks to go before golf courses begin to open in our area, so best take advantage of your time to prepare.

Golf is a sport that requires that you be in top physical shape in order to perform at your highest level.

Start with some basic cardiovascular workouts. Golf requires quite a bit of walking, so now that the weather is warming up get outside for some good long walks. Cycling is another great way of increasing your endurance on the golf course. Start off gradually for both walking and riding and each day go just a little bit further.

Before you go to the practice range or golf course, work on improving your body’s flexibility. Improved range of motion will help you create more club-head speed and achieve greater distance with all your shots. Increased flexibility will also help you prevent injuries.

I have developed a Golf Flexibility Program which has golf specific stretches for your lower, upper body and midsection. If you would like a copy, simply send me an email and I will send them to you.

Make sure that your clubs, your golf shoes, and even your gloves are in good shape. You will have to shop online for the next several weeks, but this will help you prevent long lineups and delays when stores open again at the end of the month.

Last year the demand for golf was the highest that it has been in decades. It will again be harder to get tee times, so plan ahead and book early.

Next Week: How to Improve Your Game

Cameron Burechails

Teaching Professional, The Georgian Bay Golf Academy

@ Batteaux Creek Golf Club


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