Sunday, June 16, 2024

Praise For Meaford’s Volunteer Fire Department


I would like to take a few moments to thank all of our dedicated, wonderful Meaford Volunteers, this community rocks! I love our Meaford and hope it always keeps its charm and beauty.

But this letter is meant to bring to light our Meaford Volunteer Firefighters.

My husband and I help to keep the offices, the meeting rooms, and the museum at the Meaford Fire Hall clean. Usually three times a week and early in the morning by four thirty a.m. Just so we are not in their way when emergency calls come in or when training sessions are taking place.

But, there have been a few incidences, while we were there, when a call comes in over the speakers to the Fire Hall.

Oh, we gasp, our ears perk up and our hearts skip a beat knowing what is about to unfold.

Before we realize it, it seems like seconds or just a few very short minutes have elapsed, we hear the cranking of the doors being opened, the hum of the fire trucks being started and the exuberance of these volunteers ready for what lies ahead for them.

It is beyond amazing just how quickly these Volunteers arrive at the hall. You would think that they were sleeping upstairs! (But there are no sleeping quarters there.) One minute they are sound asleep at home in bed and the next minute they are at the Fire Hall putting on all their gear. It is quite remarkable at the speed in which they accomplish this!

I don’t believe the residents of Meaford know just how lucky we are to have this group of courageous, dedicated and enthusiastic team of women and men Firefighter Volunteers. Along with our Fire Chief Courtney, Cpt Rob and Brittany who with their diligence have trained, given guidance to and supported them all.

God forbid me, if I ever need to make that 911 call. But I now know after seeing them spring into action, I feel so reassured and safe knowing that they, out of the goodness of their hearts, are there to help, save, and protect us all in a moment’s notice.

I want to Thank You all very much for your service, your time and dedication.


Lecia Forte, Meaford resident

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