Saturday, May 21, 2022

Please Stop Hanging Bags of Dog Feces From Trees Along Georgian Trail


There is a puzzling situation that has developed on the Georgian Trail, running east from Swarthmore Drive, in the past month. Someone who is using the trail is tying up plastic bags containing dog feces to the trees lining the trail. Perhaps this is from a dog that this person is walking, or this individual is bagging up feces that he or she is finding along the trail, it is unclear which.

In either case, I would implore the individual to stop this practice. It makes for an unsightly mess, along a trail that many use. We are so fortunate to have ready access to nature trails in our area. We would like to enjoy them in a natural state, free from garbage.

There are garbage cans conveniently located along the trail for your use. They are emptied regularly by municipal staff. Please make use of them for all the garbage you generate while using the trail.

Dave Glass, Meaford

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