Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Plan Ahead For New Year’s – Not A Drop Not A Drag if You’re Going to Drive

Are you planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve? Members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reminding everyone that intends to consume alcoholic beverages or cannabis this New Year’s Eve, to plan-ahead and arrange for a safe ride home.

Any amount of alcohol or drugs can impair one’s ability to drive. If you are stopped by the police and register a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in the “warn range” you could face an immediate driver’s licence suspension. If you are found to be over the legal limit you will face a 90-day driver’s licence suspension, a court appearance and your vehicle will be impounded for 7 days. All these penalties are inconvenient and costly. 

“Take responsibility for your actions! If you drink or take any intoxicating substances, it’s simple, don’t drive. Everyone that operates a motor vehicle needs to realize that there is no safe level of alcohol or drug consumption when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Arrange for a designated driver, take a taxi, or stay overnight. It is not worth risking your life or the lives of others,” said Inspector Mike McConnell, OPP West Region Traffic/Marine Manager.

Expect to see OPP officers continuing to conduct RIDE checkpoints into the New Year as part of the OPP’s Provincial Traffic Safety Program.

Plan-ahead and do your part to make this a safe New Year’s celebration for everyone.

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