Thursday, July 25, 2024

Our Teens are the Future


We would like to acknowledge a young farm boy in our neighbourhood.

He is a hard working, enthusiastic, totally dedicated young farmer. He buys and raises his own chickens expertly, and when the time comes he has a very lucrative business selling his eggs.

He also does some market gardening and his corn is awesome as well as any other produce he has and of course is always fresh.

He accepts the responsibility of looking after his animals and garden, doing almost all the work himself.

This young farmer is only 13 years old, and has been doing this for a couple of years now. He has full support from his parents and grandparents but he does his research and knows his stuff, and his love for farming is evident in his actions and knowledge.

So if you are out on the 7th Line (across from the Municipal building) you will see this enterprising boy’s sales stand. Stop and get some of whatever farm fresh product he is selling that day. Support him. He is a great kid and a good example of a ‘farm raised boy’. Hats off to you, young man, you deserve a lot of credit. As your neighbours and friends we truly appreciate you.

Coreen Clarke, Meaford

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