Sunday, October 24, 2021

On Development We Have to Get it Right

Dear Editor,

While I appreciate your paper’s coverage of the public meeting and the illustration of the concerns residents had with the Centre Street development, I think a high level concern of many of the residents at this meeting was somewhat overlooked.

We are at a critical juncture in the future of our town. Meaford is the proverbial last lily pad in the pond that developers are jumping in. There are several developments with hundreds and hundreds of units in various stages, and if all were approved as is the character, nature, feel, and density of the town we love would be irrevocably and negatively changed forever. The Meaford that lured so many of us here, and for those who have spent their lives, would be gone forever. I would look no further than Collingwood for an example of how unbridled development can destroy the feel of a town.

Yes, development will come to Meaford . But let it be smart, measured, and in keeping with the character of the town and surrounding neighbourhoods. An informed and engaged citizenry, Council and good local planning is the only check and balance against the impulses of developers who care only for profit.

The future livability of Meaford depends on us getting this right.


Chris Sanderson, Meaford


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