Monday, September 26, 2022

Offering Thanks to Georgian Trail Angels


While on a cycling excursion (Thursday, August 25) on the Georgian Trail with her three friends, Rita’s back wheel spun sideways on a slippery, wet bridge and threw her to the ground, breaking her leg. Seconds later Jeff from Thornbury appeared and he called 911. He took charge in a professional manner, talked to her continuously, and kept her calm while she writhed and screamed in pain.

Soon a couple walking towards Meaford asked if we needed help. This wonderful woman knelt on the hard ground for at least 30 minutes and held Rita’s foot to keep it immobile – the least movement caused excruciating pain.

Later, Darren, captain of the local volunteer firefighters arrived and he, Jeff, and this wonderful woman supported Rita and us continuously. The ambulance with the paramedics were last to arrive, and they had to immobilize Rita’s leg and carry her out on a special stretcher and motorized vehicle—no small task.

After assessment at the Meaford Hospital, Rita was transported to the Owen Sound Hospital for surgery the same night. We had cycled 17 km from Camperdown Rd (near Craigleith) where our cars were parked and the plan was to cycle to Meaford, treat ourselves to ice cream cones, and cycle back. Instead, after Rita was taken by ambulance to the Meaford Hospital, Darren kindly transported the three of us and our four bikes back to our cars (and thanks to Jeff who also offered).

To all of the angels, please accept our most sincere thanks and appreciation for your kindness, selflessness, and expertise. We are most grateful!

Pat Ormerod (and Rita, Isabel, and Wendy), Meaford

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