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Ode to Lady Blue

Submitted by Jennifer Burak

Ode to Lady Blue was written to honour Diane Kimmerly, who passed away on October 31. I read of her passing in The Meaford Independent and felt the loss deeply, although I had not known Diane for long and she most certainly did not know me.

She was a chance encounter during my walks around town. I am new to Meaford so did not know Diane in her bartending heyday or taste her lemon loaf. I can only imagine that she was always a force.

I would often see her in the distance, walking with purpose, and after my first, somewhat startling meeting with her that involved her getting up close and personal, pointing to all the blue items on my clothing, I came to look forward to my short exchanges with Diane. I would even have fun pointing out the blue I was wearing to her!

During the past two years in Meaford, I found Diane’s delight and innocence to be joyous; in fact, she seemed the very essence of joy on those bright sunny days when we spoke. She was sweet and lively and in her own bubble world of blue. She was quite profound and pure… I will miss these magical unplanned moments with her, as I am sure many others will.

She was a woman who touched the lives of all who met her during what was her very own personal blue period.

I decided to write a poem to honour Diane and to share my personal experience of her with others.

Jen Burak

Ode To Lady Blue

Lady Blue wandered through town,

Wearing an electric blue blouse.


Unencumbered by the mundane

She seemed to float in an azure bubble.


Her blue period was joyous.

Not like Picasso’s forlorn paintings

Or sad Blues songs —not that kinda blue.

Her palette sparkled.

She was dizzy with turquoise.

Her passion for the primary colour

Was boundless and wild.


There was hope in Lady Blue.

Her firm optimism that the

Sky would be beautiful again tomorrow

Calmed and reassured us.


Her simplicity was a gift.


She reminded those she touched to

Let the colours in our heads dance,

To dream in technicolour,

To take a moment to look skyward.

Lady Blue will not stop me in my tracks

To comment on my blue eyes anymore.

She has left this dusty, brown earth behind—

To float in the Blue Blue sky.

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