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Nominations Open for Meaford Tree-of-the-Year

Is there a particular mature tree that stands out from among the rest, a tree that has captured your attention and your heart?

The Meaford chapter of Tree Trust is seeking nominations for the 2023 Tree-of-the-Year Award. Anyone can nominate a mature, majestic tree that they love. Preference will be given to native species and trees that are on public land within the Municipality of Meaford. Tree Trust is a non-profit network dedicated to preserving our biggest and best urban trees.

To nominate a tree, go to The nomination form will ask you to submit a description of the tree, its GPS location, google map location, or detailed walking directions, along with a short explanation as to why the tree deserves the honour. Alternatively, paper copies of the nomination form are available at The Keep Refillery on Sykes Street in Meaford. Submit completed forms to Pete Russell, Tree Trust Meaford Coordinator, at or phone (519)-599-1074.

Deadline to submit is June 10. A photo of the tree would be very beneficial.

The winning tree will be crowned by Meaford Tree Trust committee members at a public celebration in June. The award includes a Tree Trust arborist’s assessment of the tree’s health and treatment, if required. Finally, we’ll give your tree the ‘green carpet’ treatment featuring it with award-winning trees from other communities on the website and on social media posts.

Our arborists keep the trees healthy and extend their lifespans through measures such as removing hazardous deadwood and correcting problems that affect the structure of a tree,” said Pete Russell of the Meaford Tree Trust chapter. “Their work can include pruning branches, improving soil conditions, even installing support systems such as cabling. And because no tree lasts forever, we plant at least two saplings for every Tree Trust tree.

Tree-of-the-Year is just one way that Tree Trust draws attention to the immense benefits of mature trees and the importance of keeping them healthy. These benefits include giving us shade on hot summer days, painting our landscapes with show-stopping fall colours and, most importantly, storing massive amounts of carbon.

In 2023, Tree-of-the-Year is sponsored by the Echo Foundation which offers grants for protection of natural areas of ecological importance. It also supports concrete sustainable environmental practices.

For more information, contact Pete Russell, Tree Trust Meaford Coordinator, at or phone (519)-599-1074.

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