County Road Construction Season Has Arrived

Grey Road 40 construction sign270The 2019 construction season is here, and Grey County will soon begin road improvement projects across the region. Planned projects are outlined below and a full interactive map can be found online at

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The Pet Expert: Why Do Dogs Dig?

whydodogsdig 270Having a beautifully landscaped yard is a wonderful thing. To have an outdoor space you can be proud of takes some planning, money, and old fashioned hard work.

... and then your dog proceeds to dig a bunch of holes in the yard, making it look like a minefield.

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Botanical Florence Nightingales

gardenhelpers270April’s chilly showers heralded the launch of another season for the volunteers who tend the gardens at Meaford's hospital, but this year the season of renewal also marked an important milestone in the hospital’s horticulture. Pat Parsons, the tireless leader of the gardeners, has stepped aside.

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