Annual Harvesters' Dinner Revamped & Expanded This Year

harvesters day 2019 pre 540

The annual Harvesters’ Dinner has been revamped this year to guarantee that, for one, the thousand or more seasonal labours throughout Blue Mountain and Meaford have an opportunity to join in and, secondly, to be sure that as many as possible are thanked for the work they do in pruning, tending, and harvesting the areas’ apple crops.

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Action! Filming in Meaford


Downtown Meaford was a busy place on Thursday, August 29, as the filming of an independent film called Island of Shadows was taking place.

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The Pet Expert: Does My Pet Need Breed-Specific Food?

breedspecificdogfood270The pet industry is a fast-paced entity, continually evolving and adapting. In one of the most competitive industries in the world, manufacturers and product developers are always looking for a unique, competitive edge. The race to be first to market with new, innovative ideas is a constant struggle in a saturated marketplace where it seems like everything already exists.

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