Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Public Access Calling System Unveiled At OPP Facilities

Members of the public who visit West Region detachments after-hours will have access to a new public access calling system outside OPP facilities.

The new “E-phone” is a touchscreen-based system that replaces the old handset phone used for decades outside OPP buildings. The system has been modernized, but the function remains the same. All E-phone calls will connect directly to the OPP Provincial Communications Centres (PCC) for service as the previous system did. 

When the user touches the call-screen icon, PCC call-takers and dispatchers will see the originating location of the call. The location display saves the call-taker time gathering the caller’s information and provides the public with the confidence that their location is readily identified and that police will respond.

20 of 34 West Region locations have transitioned to the new E-phone system, with the remainder completed by the fall.  


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