Sunday, February 25, 2024

New Gym Opens in Meaford

Solo-Fit, at 16 Trowbridge Street in Meaford, offers a new and unique venue for fitness training. Diana Simmons-Smith and her husband Mike have created a micro gym that allows you to book one-hour sessions in a 700-square-foot space that is yours to use exclusively, whether alone or with friends or family members, for an hour at a time, complete with air bike, water rower, an all-in-one trainer with state-of-the-art safety features, dumbbells, a muscle roller, a bosu ball, yoga mat, exercise bands, and an exercise ball.

Solo-Fit allows you work out your way,” Diana explained. “The idea came to us when gyms in the area were shut down during the Covid lockdown. We asked ourselves: What if we could create a gym that we didn’t have to lock down? Many people stopped going to a gym because of Covid. Many are still hesitant to go to a conventional gym. My husband Mike is the fitness enthusiast in the family, He finally got to build his dream gym.

Solo-Fit is a your private gym for the time that you book. You book a time online. You are sent an access code by email, you unlock the door for yourself or for you and your friends or family members. No waiting for equipment. No need to feel self-conscious training with strangers. There is a secure play area for kids while mom and dad train. You have your own gym entrance from the alleyway alongside 2Go Sushi.

The air bike is a resistance bike – the slower you pedal, the less the resistance; the faster, the more resistance. No dials, no settings. The water rower gives you the feeling of rowing on Georgian Bay. The all-in-one trainer is four machines combined into one with special safety features for people training by themselves.”

Diana admits that the concept is new to the area. “People may struggle to understand the concept,” she said. “We encourage everyone to come and experience a private workout space. The gym is available seven days a week starting as early as 5 a.m. The last session starts at 9:30 p.m. A one-hour booking is available for $30 an hour or in blocks of five sessions for $25 each or ten sessions for $20 each. If six people share the $30 an hour fee, for example, that’s only $5 each for a private workout space. The protocol is the same as in any other gym. We come in each night to clean. There are disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers for people to use. Like in any gym, whoever uses the equipment wipes it down after use.”

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