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My Freedom Convoy Experience


On January 28, 2022, my daughter and I joined the Grey Bruce Convoy to Ottawa in my Subaru. We met hundreds of people in Owen Sound at the starting point who cheered on 40-50 vehicles heading to Ottawa. It was perhaps the proudest day in my life as a Canadian. Here are a few reflections of my weekend in Ottawa.

  1. The Support: As we began our trip, we were greeted at so many concession corners, towns along the way, even fields and hillsides, with happy, flag-waving Canadians. It was minus 16 that day too. Then in Ottawa, on Saturday and Sunday, the crowds were enormous – filled with smiling faces – hardly a mask could be found. People carried both hilarious and profound signs of protest and horns blared in support of freedom for the truckers.

  2. Freedom, Period: This sustained protest, perhaps the largest in Canadian history, was and is about some very simple things:

    1. Freedom from Lockdowns: Are they really effective? We’ll find out, won’t we?

    2. Freedom from Vax Passports: These truckers cannot work unless they get a vax. As with so many other workers too, this is causing two classes of citizens in Canada and it’s wrong.

    3. Freedom of Mobility: There’s even talk of closing the borders of provinces so that Canadians cannot travel if not vaxxed.

    4. Freedom of Masks, especially for our children: This practice is far more harmful than helpful.

    5. Freedom of Choice: The protest is not about being anti-vaccinations. It’s about informed choice. You want it – go for it – but do not force anyone else to get it.

  3. Peaceful: It was and is peaceful. The reporting and bias starts at the top – our Prime Minister calling us names, accusing us of violence, right along with main stream media? misinforming Canadians. Shameful! We experienced a peace-loving protest.

  4. Prayer: You likely haven’t heard it reported that the first thing that happened at the Rally on Parliament Hill on January 30 was prayer – the Lord’s Prayer. Thousands of people joined in this act of asking God to Keep Our Land Glorious and Free.

As you can see from some of the photos, it was a peaceful, joyful experience. Our plea is that we’d all stand up and join the truckers protest for freedom and that the mandates would end!

Brian Bell, Meaford

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